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 +====== Chapter 3-3: (Continued) ======
 +====== Part 11: Warp Types ======
 +You might be wondering about the different types of warps you can select now that we have used //Cave/Item Cellar// rooms and //Entrance/Exit// warps. Unfortunately, since this tutorial is trying to vaguely mimic a Zelda 1 quest, there isn't much point to using many of them. But they are still something you should know about should you decide to venture into non-Zelda 1 territory, so let's take a brief moment to explain them.
 +{{ch3-warptypes.png?direct|Warp Types}}
 +  * **Cave/Item Cellar**\\ We've been using this warp type since chapter 1, so you should have an idea of what it does by now. It uses a template screen to produce Zelda 1 style guy caves. It can also produce Zelda 1 style item cellars that you could find in dungeons, which we will be doing in this chapter.
 +  * **Passageway**\\ This is extremely similar to the Cave/Item Cellar warp type. It uses a template screen (Screen 81 in this case) to produce a Zelda 1 style dungeon passageway linking the screen you set the warp on and the warp destination screen. We will be going over how to do that in this chapter.
 +  * **Entrance/Exit**\\ This is the main warp type you want to use if you are bridging two drastically different areas. It kills the music during the transition, gives ZC a cue to set a temporary continue point at the warp exit for when you die, and uses the opening wipe.
 +  * **Scrolling Warp**\\ This warp type is mainly useful as a side warp. It makes the source screen and destination screen of the warp look naturally connected by doing a scrolling transition between them.
 +  * **Insta-Warp**\\ If you want to instantly change screens without any sort of transition, use this warp type.
 +  * **Insta-Warp with Blackout**\\ The screen will briefly turn black before sending you to the destination.
 +  * **Insta-Warp with Opening Wipe**\\ The screen will turn black then an opening wipe will happen. This looks identical to the Entrance/Exit warp type, but it does not set a continue point and it will not kill the music.
 +  * **Insta-Warp with Zap Effects**\\ The screen will blur with a pixilation effect for a transition. If you have played A Link to the Past, the effect is similar to the warp tiles you can find in dungeons.
 +  * **Insta-Warp with Wave Effects**\\ This warp type has a wavy effect with a white fade between screens. If you have played A Link to the Past, the effect is similar to using the Magic Mirror.
 +  * **Cancel Warp**\\ Any warps that use this warp information will be completely disabled, making Link able to walk over combos such as stairs without anything happening. If this is set for a side warp you will be unable to leave the screen in that direction.
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