Chapter 2-1: Onward with the Overworld

In this chapter, we will be creating several more overworld screens. Our goal is to end this chapter at the entrance to our first dungeon.

The pacing promises to be somewhat faster now that we don't have to cover so much basic screen setup stuff again. We will be linking back to those steps initially, so don't worry if you have forgotten some things already.

Part 1: Color Set Fixes

You probably noticed, but that screen we made in the last chapter was ugly. It was purposely made ugly and it was somewhat painful to do that. But we did this in order to get you used to the concept of changing CSets to draw combos. While it's very possible to make a decent screen in the classic tileset using a single CSet, it isn't quite as possible in other tilesets.

We also did it to introduce the next concept. While we could just manually draw over all of this to make the screen pretty, using a Color Set Fix will make this trivially easy.

First, let's switch the drawing CSet to CSet 2. Now go to Tools→Color Set Fix.

Color Set Fix menu

CSet Fix dialog

In the color set fix dialog, choose Full Screen and Press OK. If all goes well, the screen should now look like this:

This screen finally looks okay.

Everything on the screen should now be drawn in CSet 2. You can use the combo hovering tooltip to check this on several combos.

Color Set Fixes will change an entire screen to match the currently selected CSet. This tool is very helpful if you accidentally draw a screen in the wrong CSet and wish to change it quickly without redrawing everything.

Part 2: Armos Knight and "Under Combo is Combo 0"

And now let's address that problem with the armos knight we had when testing the quest at the end of the previous chapter.

Armos black square issue.

The Under Combo is the combo that is left behind by many combos that are manipulated in some manner such as armos knights waking up, pushable blocks, slashable bushes, and more. By default, this is set as Combo 0 CSet 0, which is the black combo we witnessed testing the quest. This is why the warning ”Under Combo is combo 0” is showing: something that uses the Under Combo is on the screen and the Under Combo is not set properly.

Let's fix this by selecting the ground combo with cset 2 (the same combo and CSet as the things surrounding the armos statue) in the combo list or Select Combo in the right click (ctrl+click on a Mac) screen menu. Now go to Screen→Under Combo.

Under combo menu. Make sure you have the ground combo selected.

Undercombo dialog.

The New combo should be the ground combo you selected in the proper CSet. If not, cancel out of the dialog and select it. If the proper combo is under New, press Set.

Do NOT select Set All! While that option works by setting the Under Combo for every screen on the current map, it has some minor annoyances that will make your life harder for this tutorial such as removing the effectiveness of that Under Combo warning.

Anyway, the Under Combo is Combo 0 warning should now be gone. The next time you test the quest in Zelda Classic, you should notice the armos leaving behind the proper combo.

We are finally finished with screen 77 for now.

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