Chapter 2-3: (Continued)

Part 6: Creating a Shop

Let's create a screen with a cave shop similar to the ones in the original The Legend of Zelda.

Go to Screen 66 (one screen up from Screen 76) and draw the following screen. Make sure to use Cave (Walk Down) [A] for the cave combo.

The basic screen for this part.

This screen is where our maze path from the previous screen exits. You don't have to worry about setting up connecting screens for the other two directions of the maze screen since it's not possible to access those areas in this tutorial.

Now let's do some screen setup. Shops are mostly set up the same as any other cave screen, so let's cover the basics of that again.

Placing Enemies

  • Place some enemies on the screen.

Setting up the Cave Information

  • Select a Guy (Screen→Guy or G)

Setting up Strings

  • Create a String (Quest→Strings)
  • Assign the Message String (Screen→Message String or S)

Checking the Tile Warp

  • Make sure Tile Warp A is Cave/Item Cellar.

Setting the Cave Exit Point

  • Set Warp Return Square A.

Everything so far should end up looking similar to this (including the screen info):

Basic cave screen setup.

From here, things will diverge as we set up the shop specific stuff. Go to Quest→Misc Data→Shop Types

Shop Types Edit Menu

Select Shop Type 0 and press Edit.

Select a shop type to edit.

Enter a name for this shop type so that you can find it easily in ZQuest. After that, select items for the shop and enter their prices. Previews of the items will be shown to the right.

Editing a shop.

Note: While you can enter just about anything in a shop, it's recommended that you at least include bombs and a candle in this particular shop for the sake of future screens.

When you are finished, press OK then press Done on the Shop Types select.

Now go to Screen→Room Type (or press R) and set it to Shop.

Select the Shop Room Type

Go to Screen→Shop Type (or press A) and set it to the shop type we just created.

Shop Type Select Menu

Selecting a Shop Type to use.

And there you have it. The final screen in ZQuest should look similar to this:

Final screen for this part.

Note that the Screen Info should actually be showing you the items for sell in the shop.

The shop should look like this in Zelda Classic:

Testing the shop.

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