Chapter 4-7: (Continued)

Part 15: Quest Rule Suggestions

It's time for the end chapter rundown of quest rule suggestions. There are not that many this time.

  • Quest→Rules→Combos→Link Drowns in Walkable Water
    By default, Link just bumps against water like it is any other solid surface unless he has the flippers. However, this rule turns on a drowning mechanic similar to what happens in later Zelda games. You are warped to the place where you entered the screen and lose a quarter of a heart when drowning.
  • Quest→Rules→Combos→Use Old-Style Warp Detection
    This uses an older style of warp combo detection that was present in 1.92 and older. The developers seem to recommend this setting be turned off since it only exists for backwards compatibility.
  • Quest→Rules→Other→1→Healing Fairy Circle Is Centered Around Link
    This makes the healing fairy circle effect center around Link instead of the center of the screen.
  • Quest→Rules→Other→1→No Healing Fairy Heart Circle
    This disables the heart circle of the healing fairy combo flag entirely.
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