Chapter 5-5: (Continued)

Part 10: Quest Rule Suggestions

It's time for more quest rule suggestions.

  • Quest→Rules→Combos→Use Warp Return Points Only
    You've probably been wondering why the tutorial has forced the usage of the Arrival Square up to this point when various sources go out of their way to mention how it is outdated. Every variation of the default rule sets even turns this on. It's admittedly mostly due to stylist choices when making a classic style quest. Because Cave/Item rooms always exit at Return Point A and Return Point A is the starting point of the quest with this rule on, the player would be walking out of the cave to start the quest. This makes no sense because you have to walk right back into the cave. If you have no intention of ever using Cave/Item rooms on your starting screens, you should really consider enabling this since it will save you from having to worry about when to use the green square.
  • Quest→Rules→Other→1→Enable 1/4 Heart Life Bar
    If you want to be able to see 1/4 health on the health bar, enable this rule. It wasn't mentioned earlier since most tilesets don't support 1/4 hearts out of the box since this is a 2.50 addition.

Part 11: Future Tutorial Sections

With that, we're finished with the first section of the tutorial. There is definitely a lot more to ZQuest, but this should be enough to get you started on making basic quests. The tutorial will definitely be picking up with additional sections detailing intermediate and possibly even advanced concepts regarding the editor in the future, but for now that's pretty much it.

If you need help figuring out more things regarding ZQuest or Zelda Classic in the meantime, feel free to ask on either PureZC or Armageddon Games since the community is definitely willing to help anyone that needs it. :-)

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