Chapter 3-9: (Continued)

Part 30: The Boss Room

Now we're going to make the boss room. It will contain Aquamentus, the boss enemy of Level 1 in 1st quest. There really isn't anything radically different about this room compared to other rooms we have set up, so this shouldn't take long to fix.

Draw this screen on Map 3→Screen 53:

Screen 53

Door Combo Sets and Placing Doors

  • Place the doors. (Screen→Doors or F6).
  • There is an Open door to the south and a Shutter to the north.

Placing Enemies

  • You should use Aquamentus (Facing Left). This means Aquamentus will be on the right side of the room and face left.

Placing Items

  • Place a Heart Container on the screen since most bosses in Zelda reward you with one of those.
  • You should probably set the Enemies→Item Enemy Flag since you don't want the Heart Container to be immediately available.

To make Aquamentus the dungeon boss, we need to check another Enemy Flag.

Under Screen→Screen Data (F9), select the E.Flags tab and check Dungeon Boss (Don't Return).

Boss Room Data

If the quest rule under Quest Rules→Enemies→Must Kill All Bosses To Set 'No Return' Screen State is set, the boss flag will apply for all enemies on the screen that count as defeatable enemies. This means that you have to kill all enemies on the screen before the boss is officially “dead.” Otherwise, you only have to kill one of the enemies on the screen. You can use pretty much any defeatable enemy as a boss, so you can have dungeon bosses ranging from Aquamentus to Keese.

Once a dungeon boss is dead, anything that is marked as a dungeon boss (even if it is not on the same screen or DMap) will remain dead for the current level number. Boss roars within the same level number will also stop happening.

Part 31: The Dungeon Triforce Piece

Triforce pieces, the items you obtain at the end of Zelda 1 style dungeons, have some unique behavior that is not found in other items that you can pick up. When you pick up a triforce piece, Zelda Classic will throw you into an animation that recharges all of your health. After the animation completes, it will trigger Side Warp A on the current screen. The triforce piece that you obtain in the subscreen is also dependent upon the DMap level number.

Let's conclude this dungeon by trying this out.

Draw this screen on Map 3→Screen 43:

Screen 43. It's the last screen of this dungeon!

Door Combo Sets and Placing Doors

  • Place the doors. (Screen→Doors or F6).
  • There is an Open door to the south.

Placing Items

  • Place a Triforce (Fragment) on the screen. Do not place Triforce (Whole).

Now we need to set up Side Warp A since that is the warp that the triforce piece uses.

Go to Screen→Side Warp (F11) and edit Side Warp A.

Triforce Side Warp

Set the Type to Entrance/Exit, the DMap to the overworld, and the Screen to 55. You do not have to worry about setting any trigger sides for the warp since the Triforce (Fragment) will trigger the warp rather than Link walking into the edge of the screen.

Note: Because we didn't set a side for the Side Warp, there will be no info display in the bottom right corner of the screen. The warp is still there despite this.

And with that, our dungeon should be finished! :-D

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