Chapter 3-10: (Continued)

Part 32: Quest Rule Suggestions

Let's finally end this chapter with a few more quest rule suggestions.

  • Quest→Rules→Animation→Interpolated Fading
    By default, Zelda Classic has dark rooms merely cycle through different sets of colors that are placed directly in the DMap palette. However, this rule makes dark rooms fade using interpolation that looks far smoother and requires less setup in the tileset since it's mostly an automatic process outside of choosing which colors will remain somewhat visible. Check out how the dark room we made looks with this quest rule turned on.
  • Quest→Rules→Animation→Fast Dungeon Scrolling
    If dungeons are scrolling a bit too slowly for your tastes, this rule makes them scroll at the same speed as overworld screens.
  • Quest→Rules→Animation→Fade CSet 5
    This adds CSet 5 to fading effects.
  • Quest→Rules→Animation→Bomb Explosions Don't Flash Palette
    This prevents bomb explosions from producing a screen flash.
  • Quest→Rules→Combos→Can't Push Blocks Onto Unwalkable Combos
    You may have noticed on a few screens that you can push blocks onto solid objects. This quest rule prevents that from happening.
  • Quest→Rules→Items→1→Dark Rooms Stay Lit Only While Fire Is On Screen
    This will make dark rooms only stay lit while there is a fire from items such as the candle on the screen.
  • Quest→Rules→Enemies→Hide Enemy-Carried Items
    Normally you can see an item that an enemy is carrying inside of it. This quest rule disables that behavior.
  • Quest→Rules→Enemies→Multi-Directional Traps
    Traps will usually only move in one or two directions (center traps go one direction, and corner traps can go in two directions, both moving toward the center of the room). However, this quest rule allows them to move in all four directions regardless.
  • Quest→Rules→Enemies→Line-of-Sight Traps Can Move Across Entire Screen
    Normally, traps will stop when reaching the middle of the screen. However, this rule lets them fly across the entire screen… and through other traps.
  • Quest→Rules→NES Fixes→1→Freeform Dungeons
    We might explore this rule a bit more after we finish the basic portion of the tutorial. It basically allows for NES Dungeons to have less rectangular room design by allowing you to walk in more areas of the screen without restricting Link's movement or hiding him. Unfortunately, you cannot move the NES dungeon doors wherever you like despite being able to put open spaces you can travel through wherever you like and you are still pushed into the screen upon entering.
  • Quest→Rules→NES Fixes→1→Fix Link's Position in Dungeons
    This fixes the position of Link's sprite in dungeons to match how it is on the overworld. By default, Link's sprite is shown a few pixels higher in dungeons than on the overworld.
  • Quest→Rules→NES Fixes→1→Raft/Ladder Sprite Direction Fix
    This will make the ladder point in directions that make more sense when using it compared to how it usually acts.
  • Quest→Rules→NES Fixes→1→No Palette 3 CSet 6 Fix
    The reason we used Palette 3 for this dungeon was to demonstrate this behavior. Zelda 1 gave Link a sickly appearance inside of Level 3 of 1st quest, but we can stop that from happening with this quest rule. You should definitely use this if you are not using the classic tileset.
  • Quest→Rules→NES Fixes→1→Holding Up Items Doesn't Restart Music
    New to 2.50 is a behavior that mimics Zelda 1: music stops then restarts every time you pick up an item that you hold over your head. This rule disables that.
  • Quest→Rules→NES Fixes→1→Leaving Item Cellar/Passageway Doesn't Restart Music
    Also new to 2.50 is another behavior that mimics Zelda 1: music stops then restarts every time you exit an Item Cellar or Passageway. This rule disables that.
  • Quest→Rules→NES Fixes→1→Push Block CSet Fix
    You may have noticed that the push block on the dark room screen randomly changes to CSet 2 while it is being pushed. This quest rule will fix that.
  • Quest→Rules→NES Fixes→2→Special Items Don't Appear in Passageways
    If you don't want special items to appear in passageways, enable this rule.
  • Quest→Rules→Other→More Sound Effects
    This will add more sound effects for actions that can be customized later on.
  • Quest→Rules→Other→Fast Heart Refill
    The refilling animation for the heart meter is painfully slow in Zelda 1. This is very noticeable during the triforce animation. You can fix that with this quest rule.
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