Chapter 4-4: (Continued)

Part 7: Fairy Pond

Fairy Ponds were places on the overworld that allowed you to refill your health if you stood in front of the fairy in Zelda 1. Zelda Classic is considerably more flexible since the healing effect is actually just some Combo Flags you can step on and can be placed pretty much anywhere. The fairy is completely optional.

Draw this screen on Map 1→Screen 37.

Screen 37

Placing Combo Flags

  • Place Combo Flag 9 (Fairy) on the screen as shown below.

Fairy Combo Flags

Select a Guy

  • Set the guy (Screen→Guy (G)) to Fairy.
  • It is important that you select Fairy since it is the only Guy from this list that can be placed directly on the overworld setup we have rather than being shoved into a cave.

And that's that. The screen should be set up with a working fairy.

I honestly prefer the ball of light fairies found in other tilesets. I mean, there's no way a fairy named Steve can look like that. :(

Part 8: Items under Armos Statues

Remember when we made a staircase appear under an armos statue? We can also make items appear underneath armos statues such as what Zelda 1 did with the power bracelet. Let's try that out by giving the player the whistle.

Draw this screen on Map 1→Screen 34.

Screen 34

The Combo Flag we will be using for this behavior relies upon the room having a Special Item set, so we need to set that up.

Setting up some information

  • Set the Room Type (Screen→Room Type (R)) to Special Item
  • Set the Special Item (Screen→Special Item (A)) to Whistle

Setting the Cave Exit Point

  • Set Warp Return Square A.

Armos Knight and "Under Combo is Combo 0"

  • Set the Under Combo (Screen→Under Combo) to the ground combo.

Placing Combo Flags

  • Place Combo Flag 10 (Armos/Chest → Item) on an armos statue as shown below.

Placing more flags

Part 9: Warp Rings and the Whistle

If you use the whistle right now, it will do absolutely nothing. In Zelda 1, it would produce a warping whirlwind if you were on the overworld. To turn that behavior on, edit the overworld DMap (0) under Quest→DMaps and set Flags→Allow Whistle Whirlwinds.

Whistle Warp DMap Flag

In order for the warps to be set properly, we need to set up a Warp Ring. Warp Rings are chains of warps that can be set for things such as the Whistle whirlwind or 3 Stair Warp rooms.

Go to Quest→Misc Data→Warp Rings.

Main Menu Warp Rings

Edit Warp Ring 0.

Select a Warp Ring

You should see this dialog:

Warp Ring Location List

If this quest were to have the typical 8 triforce pieces of an original The Legend of Zelda style quest, we would change the warp count to 8 since the whistle warp ring locations available increases by 1 for each level 1-8 triforce piece obtained. But in the interest of saving time, we're going to leave it at the minimum value of 3. Keep this in mind for making a full blown quest.

Edit Warp 1 to point to Overworld→Screen 34. You can also set a warp type. The original The Legend of Zelda uses scrolling warps.

Warp Ring Destination

When you are done, you may want to set the warps of the other two warp locations to different locations or the same location so that none of them dump you on Screen 00.

Also… whistle warps use the green Arrival Square, so you will need to set that for any warp ring destination screen that you pick.

Now we need to go to the item editor under Quest→Items and edit the Whistle in order to tell it the correct warp ring to use. Here, we should set Data→Warp Ring to 0.

Edit Whistle to add Warp Ring 0

Now when we blow the whistle on the overworld we should be warped to Screen 34 if we have the first triforce piece.

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